Fall  Migration Celebration
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Fripp Island, South Carolina
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Saturday, October 4-5, 2014
The Fripp Audubon Club invites you to join with us in celebrating the Fall Migration on the Beaufort Barrier Islands Important Bird Area

The Beaufort Barrier Islands IBA consists of a unique chain of six barrier islands that start at the southern tip of the Saint Helena Sound and extends south to the north entrance of Port Royal Sound. These barrier islands include Harbor, Hunting, Fripp, Pritchard's Capers and Old Islands. These islands are separated from the mainland by extensive salt marsh with miles of tidal creeks and rivers dotted with a large number of small hammock islands. The Beaufort Barrier Islands IBA represents some of the richest diversity of habitat on the South Carolina coast. Many species of birds are permanent residents here as well as many species that winter, breed or migrate through. The beach and inlets provide nesting and foraging grounds for a great number of shorebirds and seabirds.

These islands serve as a staging area for thousands of birds each fall.

The celebration will feature programs and birdwalks by outstanding bird experts such as Felicia Sanders, Ken Scott and Melissa Bimbi.  On Saturday programs will be held on Harbor, Hunting and Fripp islands. Saturday afternoon there will be a bird walk on Harbor Island.

Sunday morning will focus on “Barrier Island Exploration” to allow our participants to tour and explore these unique islands and habitats. On Fripp Island there will be a birdwalk led by Collins Strickland, Fripp Island Naturalist at 9 am.  There are many opportunities to see the beauty and importance of the Beaufort Barrier Islands IBA.   There are opportunities for self-exploration to enjoy and experience the unique these Islands and see the beauty and importance of the Beaufort Barrier Islands IBA. Suggestions: The Fripp Audubon Nature Trail on Porpoise Drive and the many trails on Hunting Island offer good birding in a mature maritime forest.

Tickets and registration  for the events may be completed at this website.  A general ticket covers events; day passes to the inhabited islands, Hunting Island State Park and a box lunch. Online tickets cost $30.00. Tickets will be $45.00 at the door.

Saturday morning will feature an optional 3 hour cruise to the uninhabited islands of the IBA on the Fripper II a pontoon boat that carries 45 persons will available for an additional $15.00 per person.